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Welcome to the new revamped SunKoiWish website! I have decided to start fresh once again, because I have a better understanding of delivering better quality content.

What do you mean?:

Over the past years, I was really just testing the waters; figuring out what I like writing about; testing templates and adding my own code; improving my content-creation skills; and so on. I have been able to learn more on those topics than I could have ever imagined really. However, I noticed my old way of doing certain things wasn't professional looking and I wanted to make very rich and valuable content that is unique. Sometimes I felt the need to write an article and make something for the sake of it. Looking back at it, that really isn't the right way to handle that dilemma. Instead of trying to pump content that could be potentially useless, I will self-make and carefully create content, we are talking about articles here, that is pleasant to read, look at, and be proud of.

What happened to the old articles?:

I downloaded my entire website, the old one of course, that had over or close to 300 articles. I know that doesn't sound like much, but all those articles were written and edited by one person, which is Royce Aquino (me). Despite not being able to convince my friends or find other people to join in writing articles and creating rich content, I realise it was because the work didn't look professional: something I'm now going to work on. To get back on track, I will only revamp some of the old articles, based on importance, and make them look way better than before. I will also make sure the grammar is better and hopefully understandable to people that are reading it.

The old website version of SunKoiWish will still remain for a few weeks before I completely delete it from my host server.

What are these other new sites and services?:

The new landing page for SunKoiWish is a way to better spread and improve my content in a professional way. The landing page is also used to showcase other sites and projects I or people of SunKoiWish work on. In addition to that, I also showcase other websites and communities that want to be a part of SunKoiWish such as being friends, affiliates, or partners. On the other hand, I really want to upgrade my hosting plan because my current plan doesn't allow SSL certificates: can you believe that? So pay to win.

There is like nothing on this site and it's ugly!:

Yes, I know! The website as of August 8, 2017 is extremely minimalistic and has literally nothing on it. Please be patient as I will be designing and programming the website first. Once that is done, I will start writing and publishing content! I will also plan to do a schedule as well for releasing content among the many categories listed on this website.

A chosen song for the revamp:

A song to celebrate this revamp and a new start.

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