Beastars has personally gotten my attention with the justification of the animal kingdom and watching an amazing character grow and change through the stereotypes of society. This anime and manga series is popular and now I can see why.

Disclaimer: This article has spoilers in it and is only an opinion on the anime so far. Also, I'm bad with names.

A Bunny and A Wolf:

Another year has almost passed, and another lineup of anime has graced our lives. Unfortunately, besides a handful of unique shows, they were mostly the antics of high school-aged characters and their daily lives. However, Beastars is not your typical anime. Upon first glance, it’s not something the average anime fan would take time to watch. Like the popular Netflix Anime, Aggretsuko, Beastars’ characters are anthropomorphic animals. That's the reason though, you see?

The anime is produced and shown exclusively only on Netflix. What? Then will I provide any photos of such or anything? Of course not, nothing that the web has. Well, maybe just a bit. First, let's quickly go over some of the main characters.

The two main characters are the gray wolf, Legosi (or Legacy if you know what I mean) and Haru the dwarf rabbit. Now, if this does not speak Zootopia at all, then this series may be slightly inspired by it. Zootopia, which is a movie made by Disney is about a rabbit and a fox that have to work together to figure out who or what is causing predators to go rampant and commit crimes (eating other animals). In contrast to Beastars, there are scenes where carnivores are eating meat (episode 6), so it seems to show the dark side of them living together with the herbivores but the story is mostly flirting with individual character development instead of the main plot, which Zootopia had.

Now, that you have some idea of what Beastars is about, check out this trailer/promotional video:

Down The Rabbit Hole:

Unlike regular animals though, the characters go to school, feel romantic love, and even join drama clubs. That’s not something you see real-life animals do out in the wild. Unless of course, real-life animals do these things, but we’re completely unaware like Andy was to the toys he had in the Toy Story movies. But boy, you will never find another show, where you see a gray wolf fight with his consciousness of trying to be a good animal by stopping his instincts to hunting prey.

Anyway, Beastars follows the life of a wolf name Legosi. Legosi lives in a world where the likes of herbivores and carnivores can exist without the latter blindly murdering each other like animals do in real life. Like a real-life wolf, Legosi is feared by other animals most of his life until the other animals realize he’s not all that bad. In fact, he’s slightly awkward. That’s a complete antithesis of an actual wolf.

An actual wolf would tear about a rabbit on-site, but in Beastars: the rabbit, Haru, is the main love interest. Don’t ask how that works. Fortunately, the anthropomorphic animals do retain their herbivore and carnivore trait in the real world of herbivores being wary of the carnivores while the carnivores still crave herbivore meat. It really creates tension in the series that honestly wouldn’t be there in the real world. In the real world, there would be no hesitation. A wolf would simply rip a rabbit’s face off on sight.

A Lone Wolf:

If you ever wonder what a real lone wolf is like, Legosi is truly one of them. He rarely shares what is on his mind and conceals his feelings. However, the great deer, Loius (Loui?), is always on his side and trying to help Legosi be himself (in a way). I really like how the deer is a chemical reaction for Legosi on developing himself as he tries to understand Loius's personality: it's because Loius is trying to become a Beastars, which is an animal role model of the world.

At the beginning of Episode 1, the show starts off with danger. Something is going terribly wrong, but soon you can tell that there is so much that ties the series together, and it definitely already makes sense in episode 6.

Quick Breakdown:

Alright, I want to do this really quick, because it's getting late now!

So this section will have many spoilers, so don't read this unless you have watch the anime or read the manga up to episode 6, which leaves off on Legosi discovering the black market or is it dark market...

As mentioned previously, a lama? Or Lemu (Legosi's friend) was killed by some crazy carnivore, but it could be Legosi, who knows. After episode 1, we already forget about Lemu, and transition towards a playwright of the famous reaper (some lore in the series). This goes on for episodes 2 to 4 and is quite a spectacle. Literally, the first 4 episodes is just so you can be introduced to the wide, diverse, and many characters. You began to try and understand the different personalities the other characters have and see the interaction between Legosi and the bunny, Haru, start.

You even learn about the little conflicts here and there with individuals characters and see why they have a difficult time living. When you see Haru, she is a free bunny and lives of her own free will, but she wants to fight for herself as almost seen with the deer, Loui, but compared to Legosi, who wants to be seen as inferior, struggles with his own self. The other character, the tiger (Leon? I forgot his name), is happy to be a carnivore and boy...

YOU CAN SEE WHICH CHARACTERS HAVE WHAT LEGOSI IS MISSING, and they all compliment the character development to him: IT"S AMAZING!

But wait!

In episode 6 we are introduced to yet another character that will definitely play a role in helping Legosi develop his character? And why? We find out soon when they visit the city.

So remember episode 1 and how Lemu (or the llama) was mentioning how they were such good friends and whatnot and was pleading to not be eaten/killed? Well when Legosi fainted and a buff sexy panda picks him up and takes him to his room, this scene is what reveals it all.

The panda questions Legosi and concludes that Legosi will hurt anyone that is close to him. He takes a photo if Legosi and puts it on the wall because he knows that Legosi most likely committed a crime and may do so to Haru. The panda even suggested Legosi go experience loving other girls instead of Haru.

You guessed it. The new wolf girl (Juniper? ) may probably be Legosi's practice to experience love, but later he will get torn because he probably just likes Haru much more. We are in for some drama. There is no way the author would casually add another character after introducing most of them already without a motive.

As you can see, this series is well-crafted and we still haven't even learned about the character's past, like how they grew up and whatnot (probably the manga has gone over that?), but I cannot wait to see what is in store.

Thank You:

Fortunately, Beastars isn’t your typical anime. Carnivores get their herbivore meat off the black market just like anyone in Japan does, right? This is why you should check out Beastars. It is definitely targeted towards a mature audience seeking something about life development and defying your own instincts!

As for Netflix, I cannot believe it. Literally, I think, Netflix does a great job helping produce quality anime that uses 3D rendering (non-traditional animation) styles.


If you don't mind get this book and become a Legosi:


This series teaches you about self-control and how you can possibly achieve that, which many young kids these days do not have (probably, or I'm wrong), unfortunately.

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