Ever wonder what actually goes on in the mind of monster girls? Or have you ever looked at a new perspective on how this series may blow your mind about real issues in the world? Check out Ishuzoku Reviewers.

Disclaimer: This series may be a bit dark.

Ishuzoku Reviewers

There are certain areas that manga usually stays away from. These include the topics that are more provocative as compared to the regular anime. Anime usually stays away from prostitution and other such topics but Ishuzoku Reviewers is one of the exceptions. This is a manga about the same thing and it getting anime adaptation which is set to air in January 2020.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Manga

Ishuzoku Reviewers, also known as Interspecies Reviewers, Monster Girls, is a Japanese manga about a legal world of prostitution. It is a world with different races e.g. demons, angels, fairies, humans, elves, etc. Ishuzoku Reviewers started as a one-shot in Monthly Dragon Age in 2016. The series has been serialized regularly and there have been two volumes of the manga published so far. The third volume is scheduled for release in February 2020.

TheAnimeMan, who is a famous YouTuber, made a video about it. Skip to 7:20 in the video.


The story of Ishuzoku Reviewers is pretty simple; it is about two guys, a human and an elf, who get the idea of reviewing different human/monster girl brothels and write reviews/articles about their intimate ‘experiences’ from them. It is a world in which all kinds of different species exist, including humans, demi-humans, angels, demons, elves, and more.

Stank is a human adventurer who frequents the brothels. One day, he bumps into an elf named Eroelf Zell, who is into different kinds of sexual tendencies. Together, they decide to visit the various brothels to review their ‘experiences’. Both decide that they are going to score the service provided by each and every girl they encounter in a cross-review format. So, they set out on a journey looking for new pleasure.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Anime

Ishuzoku Reviewers is getting anime adaptation which is set to release in January 2020. Based on the series composition by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, Yuki Ogawa is directing the series. Studio Passione is handling the animation production and Makoto Uno is working on the character designs. The official site of Interspecies Reviewers has been updated to reveal a new key visual, theme song performers, as well as the main cast for the anime. The Japanese cast includes Yūsuke Kobayashi as Zell, Junji Majima as Stunk, Carin Isobe as Mii, Yuka Nukui as Ginny, Makoto Koichi as Elsa, Miyu Tomita as Crimvael, and more. Miyu Tomita, Yūsuke Kobayashi, and Junji Majima will also perform both the opening and ending themes as their respective characters.

Check out the anime trailer:

oh wait, there is none... SO maybe it might not get an anime, we will see...

Overall Reception 

Even though the overall reception of Ishuzoku Reviewers is good, some people were disappointed that the anime/manga is not an H-series. However, sometimes getting some unadulterated fan-service out there is just as important to thoroughly push back against the criticism on male entertainment. The characters overall are quite cute in the manga and a lot of fans of Monster Girls are thrilled to see how they will look in the anime, while other fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite characters e.g. the dragon girl, the octopus girl, etc. 

You can learn more about the manga/anime from the official Ishuzoku Reviewers site.

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