Haikyuu is an intense show that continues to dominate the seasonal anime every time! The fourth season of the anime is coming up next this cold Winter and hopefully with more exciting matches as the last.

Disclaimer: There are no limits in Haikyuu!!!

What is Haikyuu:

Haikyuu which means Volleyball literally is about a group of kids that focus on Volleyball (of course) on team development of showcasing the skills of various teams from other schools. There is individual development and the team as you get to witness how people can form strong chemistry which is a need in such as involved team sport such as Volleyball.

Basically, it's a simple story about young kids that want to be champions at Volleyball. Here is an excellent video to show that:

Also, check this one out if you wanted to watch a video of the animation and not for the emotional story/drama of the characters.

Into The Setup:

It is quite impressive to notice how some sport animation makes some sports seem so interesting and thrilling, a paragon of teamwork and workmanship. Haikyuu, a volleyball animation is not excluded from this list.

Unlike other sports animation you have come across, haiku focuses on just one sport which is volleyball and by spending some time watching it you tend to find passion in the game of volleyball. 

In case you are yet to watch it, Haikyuu is primarily about Shoyo Hinata who is a short ginger boy whose dream is to play in the volleyball national championship just like his role model, a short but prolific player who is known as the little giant. Haikyuu is regarded as the best sports animation out there, and this isn't solely because of its thrilling graphics or the fact that it looks super real, Haikyuu is loved because of how it mirrors the game volleyball to its viewers. It has also made Individuals fall in love with the sport of volleyball.

Taking a ball to the face or any other part of your body. The confused feeling of trying to get a floater to serve. That ball that Is directed straight at your chest and you can't really decide what to do if to pass it overhand is the ideal choice or to pass it underhand is. Hitting your teammate accidentally at the back of the head is also amongst the thrills that come with volleyball. Individuals who are quite conversant with volleyball know those moments very well. But for you who has a little affection for the sport volleyball but is in need of an actual inspiration to start playing, the sport animation Haikyu is the perfect inspiration you need. Irrespective of how accustomed you are to volleyball, by watching Haikyuu, you tend to learn about the rules, regulations, and techniques that come with the game. Moreso, you can even so that some parts of the anime have inspiration from real life!

Check it out!

Volleyball For This Anime:

There have been diverse individuals who have come out to testify that Haikyuu cemented their love for the sport of volleyball, while some claimed that the animation made them love and play volleyball. Who wouldn't watch a thrilling sport animation like Haiku and not love volleyball?? The game, the characters, and graphics look so real that after watching an episode, you immediately want to play volleyball even If you aren't really a fan. And if maybe the thrills that accompany the Haikyuu animation doesn't inspire you to go out there and play volleyball, then the quotes will surely do that.

Volleyball is no doubt the best summer sport for you and Haikyuu provides you with the perfect inspiration, guide, and feeling that comes with engaging in this sport. Also, volleyball Is the best summer sport you can take part in because of diverse reasons ranging from how easy it is to grasp, to its fast pace, etc. This sport, which is a social one, involves the best of teamwork and intense competition; another reason why it is regarded as the best when considering summer sports. Regarding its playing location, there is no limit as it can be played anywhere such as on the field, on the grass, indoor, and even on the snow!

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This New Season:

Without any wasting your time, here is the trailer for the fourth season.


Goddamn, the trailer was so damn hype! It felt like a magical journey, watching the young kids grow up and actually accomplishing their dreams! I wish I could accomplish my dreams too (just kidding)!

There is no doubt that this anime is probably one of the best because of the story and authenticity of the characters and their development! 

Thank You:

Thank you for reading this article! Are you excited for this next season of Haikyu or what? I know I am: I actually played a social league once at work, and it was fun (although it was a bit late for me and I have to drive for 45 minutes back home) D:.