Are you freezing all alone in Winter without the warmth of cute cats? Nekopara is about to drop the next hottest anime in history that will melt any snow in your heart any day.

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Nekopara is a cat anime adult visual series based on the work of Doujin artist Sayori, its creator, and Yasutaka Yamamoto, its director. The series tries to focus on the plots of a brother and sister together with their six anime cats or catgirls called "Nekos."

In the first volume released in December 2014, we can find the main character Kashou Minaduk leaving the family house in order to build his confection shop. In the process of doing that, he finds out that two catgirls Vanilla and Chocola followed him to his new abode.

In another volume, he had no choice but to run the shop with the Nekos until his younger sister Shigure, who occasionally visits from time to time with the remaining four Nekos, ‘’Azuki, Cinnamon, Coconut, and Maple,’’ came to run the shop with them.


In the plot are explicit scenes from the time Kashou Minaduk began to have sexual relations with the two of his Nekos Vanilla and Chocola. And the back story from when everyone was in their family house, and those two were still kittens.

Although Nekopara is set differently in each volume, it still manages to bring the central theme of the visual novel in play, which is the Nekos. Here you can see that the trailer greatly emphasizes the Nekos.

Various artists voice each character in Nekopara. However, the storyline has been predetermined except for the voice of the protagonist in the play. The fun of the game is how each volume connects explicitly to one another without losing its storyline.

Currently, there are about four volumes of the Nekopara series with an extra. However, there is a new season coming up in the winter of 2020.
Nekopara has always been set for adult content. However, recently, in some networks, explicit material of the game is removed to suit a broader audience.

Online reception after its first launch:

The game received a significant number of positive reviews when it launched on steam, out of 1500 people that reviewed, 97% left with a positive one. Various other critics and rating sites scored the game more than the average. Major platforms like Metacritic, Hardcore gamers, and Gametactics gave an overwhelming rating.

However, with the new season tending to launch in the winter of January 2020, fans of Nekopara are starting to build a gallery of fanarts to show their support. Currently, there are hashtags in various online platforms that support this game.

So, get that Cocoa hot, grab a soft Vanilla blanket, a big Coconut pillow, and enjoy some cute cats.


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