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Azur Lane is finally putting the hard-gained earnings to use! Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi have a great product, and I truly wish them the best in expanding it to other platforms. To even a greater surprise for Christmas, the game is getting an anime, which looks stunning. With continuing growing popularity, the anime will boost the companies sales.

Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed by Azur Lane or affiliated by it.

Building a Ship:

Ah, the first step to Azur Lane is how the game was created so I want to lay out some background information about the game before we get into the actual show that's coming out in winter.

Please watch the video below if you want to learn more about the creator and how Azur Lane is designed.

What Does Azur Lane Share in Common with Traditional Battleships?

Two Chinese developers – Xiamen Yongshi and Shanghai Manjuu – created Azur Lane in 2017. The video game is one of the many that make up the highly popular action genre. If you're to be more specific, you would say that it belongs in the Shoot 'em up genre. It has many similarities with similar games in either simulation or RPG genres. More uniquely, it's about the sort of action that video gamers have grown to love massively - battleship wars! The question is, does it have any connection with traditional battleships? That's what this article seeks to answer.

If your interested, you can even get nice merchandise that you can treasure for Azur Lane in terms of traditional battleships:


Before going further, it's good to start with the gameplay. This role-playing video game has already won the hearts and minds of its most ardent gamers. Regarding the gameplay, you only have to collect characters. Mostly, you will encounter characters that seem to be from the World War II warships. In this regard, expect to interact with battleships from many of the countries that played a crucial role in World War 2. Apart from those, the ships will also be from the Imperial Russian Navy and the Republic of China Navy. Other fleets from which they come are:

  1. United Kingdom's Royal Navy

  2. United States Navy

  3. Kriegsmarine, or German's War Navy

  4. Japanese Navy

  5. Regia Marina of Italy

  6. China's People's Liberation Army Navy     

  7. French Navy


Oh my gosh, I HATE gachapon... Well, that's how they make money. To combat that hopefully, you enjoy this sweet video that I think is true to the game's RNG (random number generator), but shows how amazing the variety in characters is.


The Resemblance to Real-Life Battleships

Your goal is to organize the battleships into fleets of six. Afterward, you would then have a fleet that's good enough to wage war against AI-controlled armies. Alternatively, you may feel like fighting with other players. While still on the issue of battleships, you will notice that many of them resemble real-life ships. Most specifically, the warships whose resemblance you are likely to see with the ones in this game include USS Laffey and HMS Javelin. Others include Z23 and Ayanami. Respectively, these destroyers are from the following countries:

  • United States

  • Great Britain

  • Germany

  • Japan

Furthermore, some of the most popular ships are:

Prinz Eugen








Each ship has there own unique design and personality, that is supposedly tied to the history of the ship.

Furthermore, In the game, the above ships are protagonists. Furthermore, the game's resemblance to real-life warships isn't its only attraction. It also features over 330 characters that resemble real-life people who fought in World War 2. The fact that you are able to take part in fierce naval warfare will also please you. In essence, the game doesn't leave you bored since you have to find ways of dodging a barrage of bullets from enemy battleships. If that's not enough, you will take great pleasure in unleashing powerful skills on the enemy who seeks to destroy you.

The Anime:

Here is a trailer:


Literally my thoughts on this anime are nothing but positive. The story actually seems decent, but that's not the important thing... The chance to see your favorite waifu animated and alive in 2D is what you should be more hyped about! In the trailer, they show all the ships and the FIGHT scenes look pretty lit. I mean I believe Toho Animation has got a nice series for them here, as they did a great job with Psycho-Pass and Haikyu.

Thank You:

Thanks for reading this article! If you play Azur Lane feel free to leave your friend code so I can add you or other people can :D


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