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Winter is packed with many presents ready to be watched with a hot cup of cocoa. We have decent on-going shows and some surprised seasons that brought Santa down the chimney. 

Disclaimer: These are personal selections and you don't have to follow it!

Winer 2019:

Winter... Sick for two weeks at the start of the year; awesome.

You already know what site I use to find the latest and upcoming airing anime; it's anichart. Sorry, I'm late to the party! Seriously how difficult is it to scout some good anime shows? Not so difficult. However, thanks to Anichart all the shows are ranked in popularity! Which seemingly makes it easier since I guess we all have the same taste in anime?! Not so fast though, I will willingly try to pick at least 2 underdog shows that could be sleepers, so there's that.

Another short article we have here... Time is short especially in Winter!


If there is a video, a video would be posted below... Or I'll credit and put someone's video.


Anime Selected:

Below is a screenshot from Anichart of the anime selected.


The Anime:

Okay, okay. So last season was kind of a mess. TOO MANY GOBLINS were slain. We lost many people in the fall season. It was like all the shows were having a conspiracy about the hatred of goblins in general, EXCEPT for one anime: the slime one. However, although the slime anime was picking the pace up with the great goodness of naming lowly creatures, Sword Art Online scored a home run in my book alongside the bunny girl. On the contrary, the bunny girl anime kind of dulled out towards the end, but was still peculiar enough to watch on.

For this seasons selection, we have some horror, which I kind of don't like story-wise because it's always the same direction. Such as a dark past, a mystery, and some scary secret to uncover. Nonetheless, I think these horror shows will entice you with strong purpose and moral themes.



Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari -

Based on the ongoing manga, we get to follow a story which reminds me of The Tower of Druaga, well mostly the setting and adventure.




Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen -

Reminds me of Ouran Host High School Club (something like that), haha...




Domestic na Kanojo -

The story is interesting, but it's a bit mature in taste? Actually, this is one of those bizzare moments when you might know someone that's going through the same weird situation. The conflict is dreading in this.




Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. -

It has a cat. The cat is not fat. The cat sure can act. ugu




5-Toubun no Hanayome -

Only for those seeking true nirvana, right? Hahaha...




Egao no Daika -

It may break your Nico Nico knees.




Boogiepop wa Warawanai -



Minor Thoughts:

I know you might be thinking that: man what about this show or that show? Remember this is mostly personal taste and if there is something I could learn from an anime, that's long gone. I have seen a fair amount, read, and analyzed and although anime is a special niche, you have to remember that, it's basically a story like every book, show, and movie. So when you see many movies, it just feels redundant to have to witness the same morals and themes over and over again. If the show is at least entertaining in a new way or has engaging characters and comedy, then it's pretty much worth checking out.

I also wanted to mention that Date A Live 3 is probably my hidden gem amongst this season because I actually liked that show. It was solid. However, I'm going to tip my hat to Domestic na Kanojo, because I actually used to read that manga...

Thank You:

Thanks for stopping by to see what anime to watch for the Winter season of 2019: have a fantastic and snowy-flowy day.

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