Welcome to what anime to watch! This article is a personal selection for anime starting in winter season 2017, which is because winter starts of December still in 2017, but is for anime airing at the start of January 2018. I don't know why other sites label winter 2018 with upcoming anime when clearly the season of winter starts in 2017.

Disclaimer: These are personal selections and you don't have to follow it!

Winter 2017:

For this season's pick of anime, I went on to look at one of the best sites, which is anichart, to find so many unique titles. This time around, I want to make these type of articles a bit more extensive on why I chose a certain anime to watch. I know it's only opinion-based but when it comes to spending time on an entertainment medium, I truly do want to be entertained!

Out of the entire list (excluding on-going and second season continuation of an anime), I have gathered eight anime that seems somewhat interesting on the summary, design, and characters. For my taste, I usually tend to watch anime with a genre of romance and action, but from time to time, I also like to watch dark themed anime like Ajin or Elfen Lied. So don't be surprised with the anime I select as it doesn't necessarily reflect the actual value of watching a show based on my own knowledge. On the same note, I clear my slate to give unbiased selections to anime, except for the kind aimed at children because I, you know, don't really have interest in watching anime made for children.

Here is the anime that have been selected.

Anime Selected:

Below is a screenshot from anichart of the anime selected.



The Anime:




Beatless -

Sci-fi and romance? Now that's an interesting mix of genres for me. This anime is based on the light novel, so most likely many people would have read it before watching the anime. I don't really like reading light novels as much as programming books, but I rather watch a series, then read it if it's interesting (personal preference). This anime has the android or robot kind of setting in a futuristic setting. The story could be kind of a generic love trope with differences in machines and humans, but I would like to see what kind of interactions the author chose. Since it has action, I expect maybe someone to die, hopefully, the story will become meaningful. 




Citrus -

A pure drama and romance anime about high school girls, who does not kind of what to know what could be the issue? In all serious-ness, I feel like this anime could be a hit or miss kind of situation because if the plot isn't the strong enough, then the character development would be weak and result in a lame corny drama between two girls, who could have easily gotten over their issue nonetheless. I like and sometimes miss high school, but I didn't really make many connections (I know how to identify and determine for myself certain things, which is normal). Upon inspection, we could see an affair of a show.




Darling in the Franxx -

Giving this a shot even though most mecha anime nowadays seems to be boring when it comes to actual action. I hope the battles will have well-thought-out and planned animations with adequate dialogue. I really like the music or soundtrack of the anime.




Fate/EXTRA Last Encore -

I enjoyed the Fate series so far and really just look forward to seeing more of the lore, or just Saber destroying everything in her way.




Gin no Guardian 2 -

(I haven't seen the first one, so will check it out) I mean I saw comedy... And comedy is subjective, so I actually am interested... I haven't seen the first one, so I will add it for only this exception.




Kokkoku -

It's about a NEET and the story seems very complex on the side of family history, but it also has a supernatural genre tag, which could mean for some great twists. I like the approach of stopping time and such, but I hope the story can drive that supernatural occurrence to a relevant substance that isn't useless just for the sake of a good story trigger.




Miira no Kaikata -

I wanted to add something with a slice of life genre... I mean I will check it out, but I won't expect anything from the anime except for a light and happy watch. That does not reqiure much thinking at all.




Violet Evergarden -

I remember watching the first preview episode at Anime Expo 2017, and it was very nice! The calming setting and nonchalant character who has composure and a mysterious past...


Thank You:

That's it for my winter anime selection of 2017 (or 2018 whatever you prefer), thank you and have a fantastic day!


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