With the beginning of 2020 off to a pretty rough start, Spring is looking great and I hope everyone is doing much better than I am. The spring season of anime is a win for me, and let's take a look at what I'm going to have my eyes on.

Disclaimer: I'm trying to get away from Joomla, however, I need to finish a consolidation task for all my projects first (cutting costs). Anyways, the show picks are my opinion only.

Let's Try Something First:

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The Shows:

There is definitely a ton of continuing anime this season, so on a special occasion, I'm going to include the upcoming seasons to those shows due to the lack of choices there are. Clearly, this season is definitely up to my taste will all the romance, comedy, and slice of life, but that's unfortunate. Lately, I have been kind of reading manga around psychological, drama, romance, and mystery.

So let's see... The Spring line-up has Oregairu season 3. That's all I ever wanted. We are done.


I'm kidding! :D

Now some of the season favorites, with courtesy of the best anime website in the world, anichart and anilist, three shows (that are new) stand out from the crowd; Tower of God, BNA, and Yesterday wo Utatte. These shows cover a wide range of popular genres most avid anime watchers like (according to the trend). Personally, I did not include BNA in this personal selection because I'm not willing to watch another show with weird antics after Beastars, which was incredible in my opinion. If I must be convinced to watch BNA, I'm sure it is a good show as a top review from myanimelist:

By user: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Allakatter

Having seen 6 episodes of this show thus far, I can certanly say that it seems promising!

BNA is very much your usual Trigger show. The plot is all around not that hard to predict, but it's truely well done and presented in such a way that it's enjoyable to follow along with.

Without going into to much details regarding the shows major plot points, it's something like a crossover between beastars and kill la kill. The wacky Trigger animation and storytelling methods in combination with a cast that can shapeshift into half human - half animal hybrids makes for some very interesting worldbuilding.

The Main character is Michiru Kagemori, a human that suddenly was turned into a beastman. In this world you are either born as a human or a beastman, so a human suddenly becoming a beastman is unheard of. It would be something like a human in our world suddenly turning into a dog or a cat.

Michiru is a very positive and cheeky girl, who can be a bit of a tomboy. She finds herself seperated from her normal human life, and must come to terms with the realities that face the beastmen of this world. She makes her way to Animacity, the only city in the world where beastmen can live freely and away from oppression from humans.

In Animacity she gets to interact with several interesting characters. Most notably she mees the half human - half wolf man Shirou Ogami, who is a detective/associate for the police department of Animacity. Together they work together to solve some of the crimes that Animacity faces, and at the same time try to figure out Michirus beastman condition.

It's a bit to early to give the show any kind of final score, but so far I am having a blast with it! If you like any of Triggers other works, you are sure to enoy this one as well.

Ps: The opening is a total banger.

Now, maybe if I have downtime I will check it out.

As for Tower of God... This show is confusing. It feels like it tries to be so many things at once and have a choppy backstory to boot. The only reason it is exciting is because of the survival aspect of the show, which I do enjoy seeing, but nonetheless I wouldn't try to understand the story and execution as much since we already know from the first episode that he just wants to see his girl (who wants to climb the tower). A good reaction from myanimelist:

By user: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Blue_86

Yeah, well, I didn't think it was a masterpiece. I thought the episode had it's ups and downs. I just didn't think calling it overhyped because one episode adapting a bad arc didn't meet the viewers expectations was a fair way to judge whether or not it was overhyped. Besides, I imagine adapting a Webtoon is different to adapting a normal manga, due to pacing and art differences.
Also, what exactly about the animation struck you as amateur? If it was the op, then I understand. It was kinda bad. But the episode looked pretty good, at least in my opinion.

Yea, the art-style is quite different, but I'm willing to set that aside as it has a certain aesthetic look to it. I just hope the action scenes can live up for the lack of quality in art in general. If the action is top-notch, which I anticipate being insane, then the overall quality of what the show looks like now, certainly will make up for it. The company animating the show, which is Telecom Animation Film, is not UFOtable material, but maybe they will try, who knows. 

Lastly, Yesterday wo Utatte is a pick because I do need some drama in the mix.

Many people seemed to enjoy the manga, so maybe after finishing the airing show of this season, you may feel the urge to read the manga (I did for Darwin's Game, haha). Anyways, the sentiment or the first episode seems pretty good. Here is a good reaction from myanimlist:

By user: https://myanimelist.net/profile/animejas

I like the manga for this (gave it a 7.5-8), so seeing the anime for this is nice. And I pleasantly enjoyed the first episode.

Haru's as charming and full of life as I remember her from the manga, she's great. Has a mysterious aura but also has so much personality too to admire. And already the love triangle seems to slowly be forming in the roots.

The pleasant, relaxing tone of the love triangle anime makes it feel more real and more engaging in my opinion, rather than feeling like it's being forced so well done with the anime for setting the tone right with the music and even the aesthetically pleasing artstyle.

Overall, a nice first episode. I can see people being bored by it, not liking the main character for being a bit dull, but I didn't mind any of this. Solid stuff.

I agree with them as well. The show will have a slow pace because it's about the suspense and emotional build-up, so don't expect big moves or jumps. If you are into slice of life and a much more realistic drama situation type akin to real life, check it out.

The Selection:

Below are a handful of shows I have selected for this season! I know, I know, where is the cooking anime, and those other cool shows? Yea, but those are too hyped up, and the selection process is for new shows to be discovered. So just now, I kind of disregarded my own selection process and did include a few shows to fill in the void. To make clear, I will only show the new anime below, since you would already be familiar with the on-going ones and continuing seasons.


Tower of God

I already talked a good amount about this anime previously above, and I hope it delivers after the third episode!

Yesterday wo Utatte

I already talked a good amount about this anime previously above, but we will see how good the drama is.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Looks lively and hilarious honestly. Also, the art style is pretty cute.


I think I read a bit of this manga before, but I think it's pretty interesting because it has a nice art-style, interesting character traits and a unique plot. It may be a bit awkward to watch, but I like checking out unique shows like this once in a while.


Another show about people and their mysterious hobbies. It seems to have a different approach on life on exploring the life of a dad, which looks interesting.

Houkago Teibou Nisshi

I like fishing.

Wow, using the editor for styling is a pain... I need to look for some better code editor built into Joomla...

Anyways, there you have it! The new top six anime above that I will most likely watch.


Minor Thoughts:

I hope Oregairu has a banger OST.

In other thoughts, a lot of my projects are broken at the moment... Life is falling apart, but everything will be okay... One step at a time as usual, hahaha!

Thank You:

I hope everyone is fine and doing great during this time of awkwardness. We all know there is a master plan behind this pandemic (I think I know the answer, but I don't want to be criticized). Please stay healthy, sleep well, and watch fantastic anime!

I'll see you again, hopefully with a review or maybe some fresh content... I'm making some music/instrumentals.