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 Spring has arrived and there seems to be more Anime than last season! I'm thrilled to get started on watching some great shows this season. Well actually, I have chosen a few to give my limited attention to.

Disclaimer: These are personal selections and you don't have to follow it!

Spring 2018:

For this season's pick of anime, I went on to look at one of the best sites, which is anichart, to find so many unique titles.

The list seems longer than previous seasons, and there are much newer production companies. 

Anime Selected:

Below is a screenshot from anichart of the anime selected.

As usual, the leftovers, continued series, and continued seasons do not get picked because if I were to suggest or pick an anime, I would collectively include it as a whole. This is for picking shows, not picking anime parts of a show. When I took the time to read and look at each anime, I found myself having interest in more than eight! However, I want to only suggest eight anime as it not only helps for friendly competition but to also save me, and hopefully, you, time on avoiding shows that (depending on the person honestly) felt was not worth spending the twenty-four minutes watching.

Ah, but wait! You wanna know, though... Why is FLCL and Full Metal Panic on there? Well, I will give it the Ten Year rule. Instead of the original meaning, I will make a new definition as to what it pertains to media. So, basically the freshness of media that can be completed with ten years (some shows require long production times), and if they get a reboot, I will choose them again (which is highly unlikely for a reboot to be produced). With that, that means the anime has an audience that pushed the employees and affiliated people to deliver the show.




The Anime:

Out of all the above anime, I had to painstakingly narrow it down to just eight top choices!



3D Kanojo -

*COUGH* Nothing says irony than the title, the demographics, and the medium itself. I will check it out. Also, it has romance, and I love a good story that knows how to execute a Romeo and Juliet theme.




Caligula -

The concept sounds pretty intriguing. I'm guessing it mixes a darker theme, freedom, and the detective-esque theme. It also has to do with music, idols, and dancing I guess? I'm actually unsure... Let's see what the show turns out to be though. I'm guessing a very slow beginning and much more mystery in this anime than actual progression because telling a story of escapism is about paying attention to detail of the escape than actually escaping. You will probably see characters lose their mind...




Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory -

Although I vaguely remember what happened in the first two seasons (regular and Fumoffu?), I liked the characters and the comedic action. It's like a heroic adventure with your funny cast of dynamic and treacherous characters! Mix in some Jackie Chan-like events with the anime art-style and European? inspired war, and you get such a diverse show honestly. I hope this reboot lives up to the name.




Megalo Box -

Pure action. If you like movies such as Cinderella Man, anime like Hajime no Ippo, and related shows, this could be your cup of protein shake.




Nil Admirari no Tenbin -

The anime has romance and the art-style animation looks unique in a good way.




Persona 5 The Animation -

I wish ATLUS could give the titles a subtitle as the main title like, Persona 5 - "Joker's Crisis", or something. If you haven't played the game then maybe watching the anime might urge you to. The storytelling is quite decent and is interesting.




Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai -

Seems like a vanilla romance story. It also has that epic feel similar to Makoto Shinkai's work (in regards to the setting and overall character design).




Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii -

OMG a romcom genre! Finally, this is my cup of tea :3.


Minor Thoughts:

As with this Spring season, I kind of thought the anime didn't seem appealing, but I found there are some good shows this season. Hopefully, you like the choices I have made as well. I know there were other choices, but with continuing series such as Darling in The Franxx, I refrained from adding other anime that had the same genre since Darling in The Franxx is proving to be a well-thought-out anime in general. I did not want to have to keep track and remember little details of a story just to understand what is happening across more than a handful of anime.

Thank You:

Thank you so much for reading this article. I will not be late again. I got caught up with projects and such. Have a fantastic day!


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