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Fall is the best time to be in love (it's a terrible joke)... Because of all the romance and comedy genres! Although not a whole lot of that genre, there is a decent handful. Hey everyone, come read and see the selected picks from an avid watcher!

Disclaimer: These are personal selections and you don't have to follow it!

Fall 2018:

You already know what site I use to find the latest and upcoming airing anime; it's anichart. For today's focus, we are selecting anime that is balanced in both comedy and action. I was perplexed by the numerous options available for this season, but despite the good amount of new studioe, here is the top eight I suggest out of the selected ten.


If there is a video; I have to make one. I made one :1


Anime Selected:

Below is a screenshot from anichart of the anime selected.



The Anime:

The most chosen genre above is romance and comedy because that is just my personal cup of tea. However, one anime that shines above all of them this season is definitely Goblin Slayer! Goblin Slayer reminds me of Hai To Gensou No Grimgar, which is a realistic series of actual emotions and conveyance of what people would do and expect in numerous situations. These situations range from their friend dying to reinforce relationships as a team. Heck, I like it when main characters actually think and strategize instead of going out to battle (like most shonen anime, the main reason I dislike that genre). You see in Goblin Slayer, if you read the manga (I only skim-and-scanned it), the fights are thought-invoking and EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. Please do not read the manga if you cannot handle death, gore, or mutilation (however, that's the realistic part of the series, which an older audience appreciates because of the detail). The story is an adventure, but the plot isn't really about being the best, but conquering the current situation the characters run into and quests. So with that, Goblin Slayer was the obvious first pick.

The next picks on this list were chosen based on complexity and mostly because of the genre that I personally like. Hopefully, I have some decent mixture and combinations of interesting titles here so that you can check out the best anime from an avid watcher such as myself.



Goblin Slayer -

Based on the ongoing manga, Goblin Slayer is a series that mocks the typical adventure and fantasy genre with a medieval setting (like DanMachi).




Ingress -

This is based off a game created (or published) by Niantic... I mean it's kind of interesting? I'm not too sure... Maybe it may be a mix with virtual reality like Accel World and Psycho Pass kind of thing?




Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara -

I love the animation and art style of this anime so far in the trailer! It has a fantasy-like element kind of like Ni No Kuni and a magical setting about romance.




Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet -

Looks interesting, kind of like the anime called Chivalry of a Failed Knight... Also, the song or opening could be by fripSide, the group for one of the all-time favorite anime called To Aru Majutsu no Index. 




RErideD: Koku Koe no Derrida -

Sounds and looks epic.




Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai -

This is such a long name, but I think the anime has a meaning related to the eighth-grade syndrome (maybe I'm wrong), or where it calls it the puberty syndrome.




Sora to Umi no Aida -

We are on a rocket ship! The music sounds grand, the animation looks vibrant, looks like love-able characters, could be a hit?





It's made by Studio TRiGGER... I have slightly high hopes, since of what happened with Darling in The Franxx; I'm guessing they were practicing their mecha on Darling to bring out this real masterpiece!?


Minor Thoughts:

Most of these anime for this season are action, drama, and sports, so if you like those genres then this season is definitely made for you. There were other anime at anichart that are releasing, so check them out for yourself.

Really though, if you read Goblin Slayer, it may be hard to take any action and fantasy anime seriously on-ward. I mean, it's maybe on par with Berserk (as seen around online), truthfully, compared to Naruto, One Piece, and such, Goblin Slayer isn't a show which appeals the same way those shows do...

Thank You:

Thanks for stopping by to see what anime to watch for the fall season of 2018: have a fantastic and peaceful day.

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