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This season of the year has been a busy one, but I really didn't pick up any anime this season except for this one. It's a cliche anime about adults playing video games and finding their romantic partner.

Disclaimer: This review has spoilers

About The Anime:

Net-juu no Susume is like a story you've probably heard many times before. However, instead of appealing to the younger population, it centers around an almost somewhat mature atmosphere. This is evident because the main characters are all well-above the age of twenty-five. Despite the story not having problems are issues faced by like what a normal adult would go through in life, the anime outlines the personal relationship of the main character, which is Morioka Moriko, and how she starts to come back to the real life after she did quit her job. This is a normal occurrence, unfortunately in real life as well. After all, the English translation is Recovery of an MMO Junkie, which is probably not a title you would think means you would enjoy the anime if you are a young kid. However, I wouldn't be surprised if you did enjoy the anime because maybe you can get a sneak preview of what happens after school. You basically work until you're happy.

Enough of the harsh introduction, let's see a PV (promotional video) trailer and the opening song, which is quite catchy in my opinion! Also, I will have to post only covers of the song because of copyright violations.



Opening Song:


Start The New Game:

In the beginning, the anime starts off pretty slow,  trying to give you some background information on the main character about what happened to her in the past. I didn't really see much of a connection until later on in the anime. In fact, this anime is so easy to predict that it will make you feel somewhat like a genius! So far, the foreshadowing into the next things about to happen in the anime is quite obvious. 



In the first episode, Morioka (I will just call her Mori), starts playing this new game called Fruits of Tears (Fruits de Mer) or something and she makes her character a male. Now I actually remember that I wanted to make a story just like this! However, this series has started since 2014 as a manga and I believe it is still on-going. With a new life to play with, Mori already finds a friend to play the game with, and you can probably guess what happens later...



I don't know about you, but there is always a nice person online to help out a beginner, and then we have the veteran high-horse elitist players (you know what I'm talking about if you played online games). This girl, named Lily, extends a marvelous hand of hope to the bedridden and hopeless Mori. They were to play the game together, and the first few episode fly by so fast! One thing that I liked about this anime is that it's slow enough to feel like the story has progressed for a long time, but really it has only been three episodes so far.




In this scene from episode two, they make a promise to enjoy the game together... Then we have the building of friendship in the following episodes. We are also constantly reminded of Mori's old friends, and who could have guessed the contact she has with real people in the anime are people she plays within the game! I was laughing so hard because it was so obvious.  




The above scene was just a foreshadowing that they would meet each other again later. Then our Lily person, who is the blonde guy above named Yuuta Sakurai, who is an elite trader working for a prestigious company, can't help but have a slight crush on her.  




There is even the time in the anime, that we know what's happening, but of course who would actually suspect the other player to play a reverse gender role online? Today it's common, but this brings back the old times for when multi-player games were new and fresh!  




Then in around episode four, we have this common trope for players who keep spending money until they get what they what from gachapon. Gachapon is gambling, by the way, don't do it if you want to lose money. We have some humor here and there, but how will the main story progress now? But of course, Yuuta is the shy type of guy and later his senpai, who has blue hair and his name we shall call Homa (Homare Kowai), tries to hook him up, but he's really annoying.



This guy actually sounds like a creep, but of course, he has no ill intentions! Like all of a sudden he's at the convenience store that Mori goes to and he's there? What a bang for timing right? He asks her out for a date, and you can imagine how unprepared she was since she was a NEET!



Our main character doesn't know what to do, so what better way to get insight than by asking your online friends for some advice? That's exactly what she does, but she could have just asked the convenience store guy in real-life... Hahaha! It's funny though because she doesn't know him yet, yet they see each other daily!



Look at him, man, all the male characters in this anime look the same in real-life compared to how they look in the game they play...

Now some things I didn't mention, is that apparently Mori and Yuuta played another online-game prior to the current one they are playing in the anime, which was called NtrSaga. YES! N-T-R Saga, like what the heck kind of name is that? Anyways, it brings back memories for the two, and a few more episodes into the anime you start to see the connection between all the characters.

Games Heal You:

At this point of the anime...



You just want these two to just hang out already! It really kills me to see them just touching the surface together and testing waters. I mean in real-life they are reluctant and timid because it's a big deal to devote time to someone since time is limited! In other words, let me remind you we all have a death timer... Yuuta my man, go get it! A few more episodes in, we get some drawn-out storytelling, but it's okay because it builds more character for us to see each person develop. Like Mori goes outside often and enjoys hanging out with the men.

Then things go wrong in episode nine...



Mori and Yuuta meet! They go through an emotional roller-coaster with no damn brakes! They are spilling confessions like money raining from the sky. Of course, both of them were at a tipping point... Our man Yuuta felt rejected for some reason...



This scene was very strong. It shows him walking past old magazines! Oh, and can you guess what kind? That's right. This shows that someone decided to stop collecting those dirty magazines and threw them out (or left them out for some else to take). This alone foreshadows that our main characters were going to slowly give-up playing online games or maybe they will change for the better (basically for Mori's side of character development). If you didn't see that symbolism here, that's okay, maybe you're too young.

Next, in the same episode, they resolve their misunderstandings! That was fast!




Now we can finally see if they truly love each other or not in the next upcoming episodes!

A Game After All:

So far I'm really enjoying Net-juu no Susume because of the relatable story and sarcastic humor and hidden symbolism. I don't need to really explain why, but you can tell I just want to see my obvious predictions happen for the two of them.

I haven't read the manga, and the reason I primarily don't read manga, is because I don't have time, or don't want to allocate my time to doing that because I have to do other things with my time. I would guess though for the anime after this episode, which is nine, that we won't see a complete resolution of our main characters, but more of a bitter-sweet life isn't so bad, and Mori gets a job again.

If you think you enjoyed reading this, or haven't started watching this anime or was curious to know what it was about, please let me know how or what your new perspective is on this anime! I would suggest this anime to anyone that likes watching romance with little to no drama with a touch of a past of online gaming. I'm not being serious, but this is like the Sword Art Online for grown-ups, hahaha!

Thank You:

That's it for today! I will also release another article about what anime I plan to watch for the new season AND the new year of 2018! No, I wish time was slower.

Thanks and have a fantastic day!


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