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Love Hina was an anime that was a staple landmark for its medium during its time. It had better visuals, a light story, and silly plots, but most of all, unique characters for everyone to love. Lova Hina was also the first anime I have ever watched and was my gateway to the anime world.

This article contains spoilers from the anime!

About Love Hina:

Love Hina started off as a manga created by Ken Akamatsu. The anime is closely related to the manga. Love Hina follows a story of what it is like for a young man, who is a failure, trying his best to accomplish his dream of going to the best university. Along the way, he is then called upon to watch an inn... Then the fun begins.

A Little of The Past:

Welcome to the world of Keitaro! A man with a mysterious past that we will explore in this breathtaking article. Love Hina is a wonderful combination of a harem done right. Why do I say this? Because not only does it blend the realistic life of what it is like to be in love during your finest hours of University or higher education, but how love effects Keitaro and everyone else. The story of Love Hina is a rewarding anime to watch. Although it does have many ecchi scenes, they are not fillers and are used to further advance the relationship with the characters themselves. The main character, Keitaro, is actually a rōnin and is trying to fulfill a promise he made with a girl about a decade ago. He later moves to his grandma's house because his parents kind of gave up on him after failing the entrance exam to Tokyo University two times. To his surprise, his grandma left, and entitled the Hinata apartments to him, and he had to take care of the all-girl "dorm". As mentioned earlier, this was actually one of the first anime I ever watched. I started watching Love Hina when I was about nine years old. This was also one of the first anime where I bought the actual DVDs. Now, that you have a slight idea of what this anime could be about, I also advise that this anime may have a comedic story-line, but it's refreshing with the little details on how the study life is while falling in love. It will be hard to take this anime seriously at some times, however, there are scenes where it starts to make total sense. Remember at the beginning when I mentioned harem? You'll be surprised at the end of this anime.

To The Inn:

Welcome to the Hinata apartments where you will find a wonderful atmosphere of- Wait you're a guy? I'm afraid you can't stay here. Only Keitaro can because he kind of inherited it, oops. Just kidding. Before we get started, this is the opening of the first season. As you have noticed, you practically see all if not most of the characters in the opening already. For this first season of the anime, we are introduced to most of the characters that play a vital role in building relationships with each other. You can also say that the anime has every single girl you could think of. All the girls have unique personalities and that makes everyday worth watching. If every character looked the same is obviously boring and dull. As there isn't a deep meaning yet, you will find out that Keitaro made a promise to a girl that they will both go to Tokyo University and hopefully marry each other. Naru, a girl who is also studying for Tokyo University seems to be noted as an intelligent person since she got high scores on the practice exams. After Keitaro and Naru took the exam together, it wasn't what you would expect. The anime was starting to grow a flower of happiness. At this stage of the flower, Keitaro was just planted. He is in this mess of managing an apartment complex and is still stuck with the promise he made years ago. As you may have also saw in this anime, the studying is actually almost accurate. That's what I liked about this anime, it is simple and not confusing. Of course, the parts where Keitaro is punched and flies into orbit is just a funny joke. From your own experience you may also experience the boring parts of life where you study and only have a handful of friends to hang out with. That is true. Now after having failed the exam again, Naru and Keitaro go on a little journey to discover themselves and relax. They meet another girl on their travels, and she is also studying for Tokyo University. Her name is Mutsumi Otohime. She also goes back with the two to live in the apartments. Once this anime has reached a dozen episodes or actually maybe 24, I believe it was on to the next arc and some movies. In the next section it will be about the last few episodes and the movies that follow the anime.

Are you ready to start studying again?:

Yes you are! I know. You're probably wondering why this anime is important at this point when all we see is failure. Not so fast. Did you know failure is necessary for you in order to achieve success? How much failure is enough though? Keitaro failed three times already, gets punished or punched into oblivion every single episode, and still has to study again... Since now you have seen how crazy Keitaro's life is, you may be wondering is there anything good that will happen? Well, you are in for a treat because Keitaro gets heartbroken several times through the anime and Naru gets jealous because of other girls with Keitaro. You will start to see the development of the two, and maybe you will realize this anime is actually not a harem anymore, but a one-sided relationship at the start that progressed in a funny yet simple manner. Near the end of the anime, it doesn't really end with a decent conclusion and rather leaves you in a weird spot. That's where the movie specials come in. The Christmas and Spring special do not really follow the story at all, but the character development is consistent with the anime. The Christmas special is actually the movie where Naru might have realized she is a talented person, even after having failing the exam. This is also the moment where Keitaro tries to express his love for Naru. As a special, Naru also sings a lovely song.

This song brings back so many memories for me... Enough of my tears, but let me try to expound on why the movies were important. The movies were trying to fill in the gap and hopefully tie in the anime series together in a short span. Surely, the anime could have been much longer, but maybe the audience was declining since the progress with the anime was turning stale. At this vital turn of events, the anime turned into returning back to the original plot of Keitaro. The anime actually progresses into an OVA instead of an actual anime. At this stage, we are at Spring and it's time for the flower to blossom with love!

The Blossoming Effect:

Were you scared of this anime not ending with a true love? Did you want a harem? Will Keitaro get accepted into Tokyo University? Well, here we go again... Ah, the show is back, but it's time for the flower to blossom into its full form. Remember Naru had a crush on Noriyasu Seta? Well this time, Naru finally realizes she is in love with Keitaro and the anime comes to a close. At this point of the anime, you are introduced more characters, but those characters actually help with the development between Naru and Keitaro. There isn't much to say at this point, as you may have predicted what would happen. Naru and Keitaro both get into Tokyo University. Keitaro leaves and comes back four years later, and finally puts a ring on Naru. It's such a simple story, but all the laughing you may have done watching this series is why this anime will be hard to forget. It's easy to forget the small moments in life, but it's hard to forget the moments where you laughed so much. This anime was actually well-made and I apprecciate the author for making it. For myself, at such an early age of nine or ten years old, I felt like I knew what to expect later on in my life pursuing higher education and beyond. Now, I wish I had a lovely soulmate too.

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts for this anime is even though it's light-hearted on the surface, it's actually a really good story about your life after high school. You will learn so many new things, fail, cry, fall in love, and hopfully you learn from the characters in Love Hina. You will learn to live a life of humility, and that's really what this anime wants you to know. Keitaro might not be the ideal person to follow, but if you're suffering in life and having a difficult time in higher education, maybe you need to find someone to share that pain with. Keitaro found Naru, and even though they both had different feelings in the beginning, at the end of the series they overcame their obstacles together.

The Verdict:

Using our basic ten-point scale lets look at our breakdown of the allotted scores through each section of the anime in a brief and straight to the point manner.

Animation and Graphics:

For its time, cel-shaded animation and graphics were just newly introduced in the early 2000s. Love Hina didn't use cel-shaded animation but incorporated a more digital animation feel well with some added effects. There really isn't much clipping or stalling during in-between key animations, and if there was, it was to denote a funny moment. There are some times where a lack of animation for certain scenes felt dull, one example is the flashback scenes, which could of used more animation to highlight the importance of it.

Character Development:

The character development of the main characters and supporting characters didn't really change that much. Most of the progression of each character were their affection towards each other. However, the main character did become just a bit wise towards the end of the anime. Most of the supporting characters were still the same, but just got older.

Music, Sound, and Voice:

For its time, the voice acting was pretty solid, but looking at it now. It's quite hard as some of the character's voices just don't match up with the characters for some odd reason. The music and background music were good. This anime had many original songs to compliment the series as Naru was like an idol for the anime itself.

Story and Purpose:

The story is simple, but the purpose is great for young kids to young adults to learn to live life with humility. People who are already passed college or have matured may not enjoy this anime as much, but if they watch it for just the comedy, it could suffice. 

The Overall Appeal:

The enjoyment you will get from watching this anime is definiately a funny and weird one. You should also not take this anime that seriously.

The Final Score:

A good 7.2 out of 10!

The Award:

Yet not-so complicated, overflowing with emotions, a truly awkward funny story, and dreams come true... Love Hina belongs in the Anime Treasury!

Thank You:

Thank you for reading this review about Love Hina from SunKoiWish, and thank you to all the people who were involved with creating Love Hina!

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