Learn how to create your own custom 3DS theme. All the tools you need are provided here with clear and concise instructions.

Last Updated: Aug. 2, 2018


There are many other 3DS theme tutorials now since it has been around 1 - 2 years, and if you want to check out a more modern tutorial and is quite simple (a bit), check this thread by Simsoy at GBATemp -> [Tutorial] how to create custom 3ds themes (2018 edition)

The way I have done it still works though. You could download the file converter in Simsoy's thread as you only need to convert your music just once, instead of 2 - 3 times with my tutorial and programs used.

Does this still work?:

As long as 3D Homebrew is being supported by active developers and coders, creating a custom theme and loading it into your 3DS should be no problem. As the version numbers update, the procedure for this should still remain the same or at least somewhat identical to the video tutorial below.

Why get a custom theme?:

Are you tired of looking at your 3DS theme? It has a generic theme, boring music, a static wallpaper, and doesn't have your favorite character in it? Then you should consider taking the time to deck out your 3DS with a unique custom theme to set yours apart from everyone else! Why not create your own custom 3DS theme and make your 3DS a personal gaming machine you can be proud to carry around. No more turning on your 3DS to the same boring look, and say hello to a world of colorful and dynamic theme.

Still not convinced? That's okay.

Video Tutorial:


Links to files and other helpful resources:

The forum topics for each 3DS theme program:

YATA+ 3DS Theme Creator

Usagi 3DS Theme Creator (used in video above)

3DS Homebrew:

So that you can load your custom theme onto your 3DS. There are many other alternative ways to get Homebrew 3DS on your device but I found the way below to be the easiest.

Homebrew 3DS

Custom Home Menu Manager for Homebrew 3DS

File Music Converter:

In the link below there is a .rar version and a .zip one, download and extract any of them. They have the same files.

Don't have winrar? Click Here

Converter Pack (2 programs for BGM)

How to Use Music Converter:

When you extract the music pack, there is 2 software/programs in there. You will first use the BRSTM Converter and run the application called "BRSTM Converter C#". You will select whatever music you want and then go to the tools menu and select "Simple WAV>BRSTM". If your music or song is not a WAV file you must convert it to WAV: you can use Audacity because it's free, just drag your file into the software and save as a .WAV file (16 prefer). Once you do that and are satisfied with your settings, click okay. The converted file will be located in the "Output" folder. If the song is not less than around 3.1 MB, you must adjust the Sample Rate to a lower number, which is 32000. I suggest the lowest number of 15000 is good before it sounds really bad. The next thing to do after this is then use the "BRSTM2BCSTM" application. Click on that and select your song that you just converted to BRSTM. The output should appear in the same folder as this application. Then you use that file to load into your 3DS Theme editor.

Photo Editor:

The photo editor used in the video. It's free and easy to use! In addition to Pixlr, you can also simply use point or any other photo editing software you are most comfartable with.



If you have any questions or comments, post them below or on the YouTube video (all comments are monitored). 

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