The definition and foundation of beauty standard is definitely a factor towards technological singularity. In the future, when humans realize the only way for us to thrive is through the evolution of genetics, we will, of course, want to have good aesthetics. With the popularity of plastic surgery (which isn't good yet and genetics), we will see what everyone seems to think of what a good looking person could be. In turn, beauty impacts humans not only physically, but emotionally as well as technology advances.

Disclaimer: This is part of the Singularity Factor Overview. You have a choice of believing or not believing.

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October 18, 2021


What Is A Beauty Standard:

A beauty standard to what I believe it is is a way of classifying the physical looks of an ideal human in their respective genders or a product (with nice aesthetics). Back then, a representation of American girls and guys was the Barbie doll. It was a figure of speech to girls and women to strive for a look like that, but it wasn't enforced since it was after all just a kids toy. As technology also improves so does the people's understanding of how to live an overall better life and take better care of themselves. We also have to take into consideration the transformation of techniques and methods to shaping our bodies and looks to be that "dream" figure. Many people today may get their self-esteem from their looks, but they suffer in other characteristics in their life (by mostly being self-centered or narcissistic) if it is an extreme factor in their life.

Now, in East-Asia and around there, plastic surgery is so prevalent, that everyone gets it, just to give them confidence. I mean being ugly or pretty doesn't have any real correlation to being confident. Confidence really comes from the courage to do something you never did before, not by changing the way you look. If you think that doesn't make sense, there are plenty of people with not as good looks as our stars (Hollywood or entertainment stars) that have confidence in themselves in anything they do. Then it's all about being humble because, after some time of living life, you know that beauty isn't the key to divine content-ness (being comfortable in your body or feeling at ease). Being content with yourself is the ideal state of living happily. Zen is my favorite. Aside from that little tangent, let's take a look at some old charts and begin the short analysis of how the beauty standard is part of the technological singularity.


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What The Link is Towards Humans:

The reason I aim to find the correlation of our looks and ideal beauty is, let's face it. Not now, but sometime soon, we will all agree that at some point in our life and existence, we realize the only way for humans to survive for the upcoming future is by genetic engineering. Right now we are in a new era and stage of our evolution. I remember in my history, life science, and biology classes, that organic beings adapt and change as time goes on. That, of course, is unavoidable. In the future, when food is scarce, when living conditions are bad, how can humans fight the new diseases and strong famine? We use genetic engineering on ourselves to make better humans. Obviously, there are risks and the practice isn't accepted today, but I can bet 100% it will happen. Nothing lasts forever. Rich people die, history is lost, colonies are wiped, and right now animals are acting as our own precursor to evident doom. So if we are going to create better humans to survive the future of life, then first we need to figure out what should a male and female human look life. This is where the beauty standard plays an important role in technological singularity.

The advancements in plastic surgery, body modification, gene-altering, and many more techniques and fields related to the human body are necessary.

Beauty Today:

Today, beauty is what makes or breaks people. People don't talk to other people or even consider trying to conversate with other people who do not appeal to their standards of beauty. It's like if your creator pretended to be a hobo, would you talk to the creator the same way if you knew it was the creator? Beauty even impacts our technology itself. Designs in aesthetics for products like computers, phones, and homes, are what attract the consumers. So why is it that our own physical beauty is defining people rather than what the person is? It could be due to media, people's thoughts, our society, or just simply because of our appeal to eye-candy from our brain and decision of beauty visualized in our mind.

Beauty is a standard today as well because let's look at how beauty can even affect how much money you earn, where you get a job, who you end up marrying, or why you weren't chosen.

An excellent video of explaining beauty that hinders ourselves as a whole entity, as a singularity, going towards the technological singularity with beauty.



When she mentions what she does every morning is important. By living blind and not give her mind the time to think and associate someone with how they look until they receive information on how they feel about them based on social interactions. That's a very important reminder. A society will always have people who are not "beautiful" and we know that not everyone is rich, so if we live in the thought of trying to become rich or beautiful is the way, we are truly living a delusional, false, and unrealistic life. In essence, when we design something to market, as well as market ourselves, we want to look ideal. 

As a quick mention, one reason why make-up exists is to not only be used as an expressive art form on one's self, but it's also used to enhance someone's beauty. There is nothing wrong with make-up and trying to look beautiful; I believe it's a much more safe route to choose for now until genetic engineering or any physical procedures improve in the future, which will be because of the innovation of artificial intelligence.

How Beauty is Used:

Using technology as a point-of-sale tactic to market a brand or product is smart. However, it gives the consumer and society the thought that they may need to receive plastic surgery and such. In most cases that isn't the right solution. If you are unhealthy and weigh a lot, it's smart to exercise and lose weight for your well-being, but if you are trying to achieve a look of some famous star that's not fit for your body, and only for beauty, that's not the right way to do it. 

On the opposing side, medical teams, plastic surgeons, and such will encourage people to do it because they are a business. Here's a quick example, if I ask the real-estate agent if I should buy the other home or the one he/she is selling, of course, he/she will be more biased to sell the home he/she is presenting to you. Same thing with beauty. The surgeon will do the normal procedures, but even when it concerns the long outlook of your life and health, they really don't care, and just want you to sign the agreement, get the surgery, and get paid. When you feel good about yourself because you think you fit it now with your plastic surgery or form of beauty alteration, it's just a delusional state, and sometimes you may think about it often because it obviously will have a big impact on your life. So although plastic surgery is popular, you should use it as an only last resort after you have other ways to gain confidence first.

When we look at the most infamous places on the planet, South Korea is surely number one for plastic surgery.



In the above pie graph, South Korea is at least one-fourth of the pie, which is huge! This is almost, one out of three to five South Koreans has had some form of plastic surgery. In the YouTube videos and articles above, the culture of South Korea seems rough. Even more, that the country doesn't really do anything about suicide rates at all. That type of country means they have weak leadership and governance since they can't encourage or surround the society with a better mindset unrelated to beauty and intelligence.

On the contrary to everywhere else in the world, plastic surgery is a huge industry and won't be going anywhere time soon.

How Beauty Effects Everything:

Beauty has value in everything. If we were to mathematically solve and use beauty as a coefficient to define a picture, a video, or a thing, it could change our lives. However, beauty is more complicated than that, because beauty has a multitude of characteristics such as hair type, color, shape, and such. 

In the sources above with regards to bullying, it is clear that how you look becomes a factor into how people treat you. I mean if you are good-looking or beautiful, people want to be with you and such, and it's the opposite for other candidates. Even when running for like a position at a job or trying to convince people for a presentation, it helps to be beautiful. Human brains are just simple, but we should control our thoughts and our mind to not accept what the eye sees at a glance without receiving an input from what we feel.

An ugly person can give you happiness just the same way a beautiful person does. When you look at it from that perspective, it may seem radical or extreme, but the chances of meeting someone ugly is much higher than meeting someone beautiful. Thus, it means that an ugly person will feel more honored to give you the feeling of happiness rather than a good-looking person. Actually, that isn't entirely true because people are different, but in most cases, it's a valid claim and observation based on the sources above.

So then, since humans know what a good-looking might look like we turn to change our lifestyle and become or try to be a desirable human being. You can clearly see it all over social networks nowadays. Social networks also affect the characteristics of what beauty is because of that mentality of the group as a whole or herd mentality. In my own words, it's like everyone is on the same page and trying to do the same thing together. Whereas, an ugly person or just different was born that way with no health difficulties would want to join as well, but can't because of beauty. The saying if you can't beat them, join them, through plastic surgery and such is the only way, but isn't the right way. In time, everyone will accept people for who they are, and that thinking has evolved greatly due to social media. To the day when humans have to engineer themselves to live, we will base our beauty on what was ideal in our history.

Correlation to Technological Singularity:

The technological singularity and beauty standard with today's innovation with changing how we humans look is a factor. There is a strong correlation between the way we design our products, our homes, our rooms, and the way we dress. Beauty is something that may be different in one's perspective, but as time goes on, our natural way of selecting what stays and what doesn't will shrink, and the way we define beauty will just be what it is. Although right now it's risky to do any procedure that changes how you look since you're basically a test subject, you will give results back to the scientists to study and improve their procedures so that everyone can be beautiful (whatever the characteristic would be defined as). Onwards to the more futuristic aspects of beauty, genetic engineering would adapt to what humans would want for their offspring as well. Our offspring will also have better genes, like genes that regenerate cells faster, or breathing underwater, or giving us longer life, to be ideal whilst look beautiful.

In the future, when we think of our buildings, our people, and our society, we imagine it as a paradise that is beautiful. All in all, beauty standard plays a role in the technological singularity because it impacts us and our environment.

Thank You:

Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned for the next coming factors on what I think greatly contributes to humans and technological singularity. Have a fantastic day!

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