The mobile gaming market is continuing to dominate year after year, but isn't this bad sign as it will create a huge addiction problem for new generations?

Disclaimer: These are my observations and opinions; please take with a grain of salt.

Mobile Gaming:

Mobile gaming is a dominating industry when it comes to people looking for quick entertainment. Your phone is a marketing beast that many companies take advantage of to sell you to their product. So why hasn't this problem ever been addressed as an addiction? Well, it has in some countries like China, where gaming is becoming out of hand, but in other countries, they haven't really done anything yet. The main reason is that this addiction to mobile gaming generates revenue for these businesses. These businesses make a mad profit from your suffering of ever summoning that amazing ultra rare galaxy ultimate beast, while you wallow in despair in watching your bank account disappear, like a sucker.

The future is bright though for mobile gaming as technology continues on the hype train to curing cancer. The mobile market doesn't seem to ever be saturated because of new things, new people, and new applications continue to renew the activity of spending time on your phone a lot. I mean, it was a godsend just to be able to call your grandma using a wireless phone, rather than sending a postage that took a week. However, now the purpose of a cell phone isn't to call or message people anymore. The cell phone is used to throw ads, games, and social networks, and fake relationships with each other. I bet most of the contacts on your phone (SIM card or etc.) are people you don't even consider real friends with (I know because I have been their too). Now we make new friends from playing mobile games, and although it is fun, just know that you are becoming part of a consumer community. Which is how the big businesses milk the most cash from; typically the whales of the community.

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The Amazing Video:

I present the problem of mobile gaming addiction and showcase my progress in the mobile games I put the most time into. The most notable were 1 to 2 years time spent.


Trying Analysis:

I was going to make a script in Python3 or JavaScript that would use Twitter for sentimental analysis, but I have too many things more important I want to do. However, what I was going to do was chart the trends of people mentioning top mobile gaming apps in the Google Play Store, then collect and store that data myself and compile and compute data to display on a chart and data table. If you want to do that, please do it!

What I Think About Mobile Gaming:

Mobile gaming is fun, but it eats up a lot of time if you add that time up. I began to realize, that although I was bored at those short moments, usually like 10 minutes; I could have done something a little bit more productive for myself instead of whipping out the mobile game to play. It was a really bad habit of mine to have during University, but it never got extremely bad for me, it was just a small hang-up I would say. Now that I understand more about the market in general and how the market works, I felt that I could offer some of my experience and insight to this issue that seems to be growing passively without anyone realizing it.

What's going to happen if my kids grow up playing mobile games? They probably don't want to be educated, because it's too much work and boring, and then they will be stuck being an uneducated, lazy, and privileged person. It's okay to play mobile games, and games in general, but not too much (unless you can make a living off of it, but that's quite rare nowadays). Incorporating educational content into mobile games is another topic, but that is something that should be more prevalent instead of these useless copy and paste gachapon-inspired games.

My last words are, the mobile gaming industry will continue to grow because mobile is the most viable feature for products to have. If your phone wasn't mobile, then you wouldn't be using it like every single hour of your time. If your business or product isn't mobile, you will go bankrupt slowly or quickly depending on what you are marketing.

What Can You DO Now:

Say goodbye to everyone, uninstall the game, don't look back, and move on with life. Chances are you will meet new people, or they will also quit the game and you can do something else, like making videos, other hobbies, etc.

Thank You:

I know this article is relatively short, but I really wanted to share my findings, observations, and experiences about mobile gaming. What do you do to keep yourself in check when it comes to mobile gaming? Or do you stay away from mobile games?


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