In movies and throughout history we are told of the qualms of pandemics, taking care of our health, listening to those above us, but to what end? Have we been living in a dystopian society this whole time; for maybe even thousands of years?

Disclaimer: This article is a case study I have done for about a year now. All this information is available to the public, and can be found (do your own research). All I do is present everything in this article and put together a puzzle. We are not on any side, and I am not advocating anything written. You DO NOT have to believe anything in this article. Good luck and have fun, and take care of yourself.


This is probably the most scariest article I'll ever write. I decided to do a case study and write about this topic because it seemed fun and interesting; THAT IS ALL... Because it's a sensitive topic that involves the inner workings of this world. For most people, it's easy to understand... But I hope I can do a decent job in providing all this information for you to decide and become more informed; or whatever.

I will also identify the problems and possibly why this happens and offer many solutions because it's saddening. Kind of like, "Don't hate the player, hate the game!"


Think about this first: In a game where there is an abundance of players but fewer and fewer limited resources, what do you do? You eliminate players.

Sadly, it's common sense.

If the Government doesn't know, that means they don't care or don't even want to put the effort into knowing.

So about health, politics, vaccines, and dystopia? Why? Well, hasn't it occurred to you that some things just feel off in this world? These are just questions, and there is always a good side and a bad side... Police don't protect the public? Do Doctors run on scripts? Do teachers only teach certain things? Do governments only fund themselves? Do ordinary people not matter? Do you know about the butterfly effect? What's going on...

Everyone knows you should take care of yourself, and sure health and your lifestyle can go so far, but when you are contained in a controlled society based on politics, social status, and economic status, you are pinned down like a lab rat and have nowhere to go but where the Elites allow you to go, whether you have proved yourself through academics and skill or know someone in the Elites.

Elites? Who are these Elites? Just people on the top of the food chain in any area of power, money, and politics.

Thus, this all leads and predates to actually many many years... This phenomenon, I would call it a tactic under the Elite's World Playbook (EWP). Basically, this EWP is a tool the biggest people of the Elites around the world use to develop events, situations, and what not to control the global population. Because as you guessed what leads to this is a dystopia.

Straight from Google: 

  1. an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.

Then there are also types of dystopian governments... And we live in one;

"Huxleyan Rule by democratic, totalitarian, capitalist, technocratic systems."

So yes, our society (the whole world) even before these recent pandemics (a shit ton of pandemics), has been living in a dystopian society for who knows how long... 

Links and Information:

Here are other links you can read that will make you a more educated person.

Scholarly Book About Utopia/Dystopia

A Google Scholarly Article, A complete history of pandemics

Paid Scholarly Article for Healthcare Quality Improvement

Academic Paper for Vaccines and Efficacy, Is it worth?

Vaccine Fail; Throughout History as well, Research Yourself - live chart data, not sure if sufficient data, could be more, who knows.

There are actually more, but you can research yourself; if links are broken, then it was probably important enough to hide, hint hint.

Other news and politics about health

Healthcare in General, Mostly USA

A RN That Talks about the inner workings of the hospital, just watch all the content

Vacccines, and the flu that's always here

cnbc Vaccine No Liability, Signing your death basically

Obviously, there is also lots of information from your fellow citizens and friendly people of Earth that share things on social media. It's better to trust people that flock with you right? I don't think any Elites think of you as a friend...

A friend of mine suggested this show; it's a pretty cool theory...

Initial Search and Doubts:

Since the above may be a lot of information to take in, I think it does a great job showing you the past about how we as a society always deal with pandemics, vaccines, and politics.

There is always some part of a pandemic, the government, and corporations, or whatever seem to mess up, and the butterfly effect is always many millions or soon to be billions of people dying.

But what doubt is cast on this whole is straightly from the people we are told to trust:

You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either

That was a headline to some news media outlets, and if that isn't a red flag, I don't know what to tell you.

Even throughout history, for some of the pandemics we had, most namely the flu, since it always is the same strain or family, let's just call it the EWP Flu. 

The EWP Flu is used for scaring the public/world into getting a vaccine that is meant with an intent to kill; because still to this day, there is 0 evidence on those vaccines actually helping people's health get better; you can research it.

Some science foundations and other scholarly articles claim that the vaccines are not even that helpful at all:

Even the famous modern flu shot claims to have an efficacy rate of about 30% to 60%... And although you might/possibly think about, THE BENEFITS VS. THE RISK... Have you ever asked that you have 0 knowledge of what contents are in the vaccine itself?

Using common sense, any person would NOT take something they do not understand. After all, as a famous stock person said:

Never invest in a business you cannot understand.”

Again, Buffett makes it clear that people should only invest their money in companies and industries that they know about. From a man with such a high net worth, it's probably wise to take that advice to heart. In fact, it even works for Bill Gates... (CNBC)

Similarly, don't invest your health into a product, you cannot understand.

Always LOOK and QUESTION things that are FREELY given to you. Because this one decision can trigger a catastrophic butterfly effect:

Just like that, maybe taking this vaccine could be something you should put more thought into. However, in the end, everyone makes their own choice and you should understand it; whether you are an Elite or a homeless person; it doesn't matter.

Since the butterfly effect is a powerful concept to understand, when it comes to your health, I think it's best to use it; but don't overuse it.

Analyses on Older Pandemics, Symptoms, and Vaccines:

From older pandemics, always seem to originate from some dirty animals, insects, or creatures... But actually, that may not be the case.

Okay, so there's that.

But most flu things or whatever comes from bats, rats, and insects... All of which are primarily used in labs like government labs, science labs, etc.

From other sources:

Where did the COVID-19 come from?

Experts say SARS-CoV-2 originated in bats. That’s also how the coronaviruses behind Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) got started.
Aug 15, 2021 (webmd)

For other flu things:

It was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. Although there is not universal consensus regarding where the virus originated, it spread worldwide during 1918-1919. In the United States, it was first identified in military personnel in spring 1918. (cdc)


So, basically, anything that flies is deadly and is "deemed dirty"?


Then comes to think, why on Earth do we create vaccines and NOT STOP or PREVENT the origin of such diseases, bacteria, or so? Because according to the EWP, fear is the BEST way to scare people into doing things they don't understand.

This is what happens but usually, you are most vulnerable to making the wrong decisions.

Scholarly Book about Fear and How it is used

An article about fear, which is something to think about:

Fear; a powerful weapon

So when you look into the history of each CDC director and the people who created vaccines (of course, there are bad and good people); there may be many endorsements for some vaccines and heavy fear-inducing advertisements or beliefs that a vaccine is good or always worth getting. This has been going on for thousands of years. To think and picture that is somewhat crazy.

However, as technology improves and agriculture also starts to improve greatly... Throughout history, we can see that the variance at which these pandemics (even endemics) start to happen less often. Improving technology is just one solution in the grand scheme of things. 

But one of these, the Black Plague, stands out a lot... Almost 200 million people died.

Did you know what the solution for the Black Plague was?

Throughout the world:

Landholders faced a great loss, but for ordinary men and women it was a windfall. The survivors of the pandemic found not only that the prices of food were lower but also that lands were more abundant, and many of them inherited property from their dead relatives, and this probably destabilized feudalism.[142][143]

The word "quarantine" has its roots in this period, though the concept of isolating people to prevent the spread of disease is older. In the city-state of Ragusa (modern Dubrovnik, Croatia), a thirty-day isolation period was implemented in 1377 for new arrivals to the city from plague-affected areas. The isolation period was later extended to forty days, and given the name "quarantino" from the Italian word for "forty".[144]


Yes, that's right; ONLY quarantine was the REAL solution. Which doesn't make sense to as why zero vaccine had any emergence or authorized use back then of any sort (but yes, technology wasn't as great, but it seems every other pandemic has at least some vaccine)... It seems like time and the natural erosion... Took care of everything; especially the quality of air. Which brings the circle to air quality and what can harm humans. Another known and presented fact is that this disease rarely spread from human to human interaction, which means the next person was probably already at high risk in the area.

BBC - Tracking the toxic air that's killing millions

OHSA, Sulfur Dioxide

radiation, sulfur dioxide, other dangerous chemicals that can travel through the air.

The symptoms of the black plague or also similar to cancer, any form of dementia, and any form of neurological dysfunction... So what is this connection?

A Common Connection, Coincidence, or A Butterfly Effect?

It's about time to wrap this case study up... And yet, of course, only the Elites know the truth, and the truth is concealed. But for the USA,

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Is there really justice in this system, is there really a God? When God is always mocked upon during a hard time of a pandemic? Is the world taking the best interest for the people, or the best interest in protecting the world that is to be the world; in other words, a future of abundance for few?

Take a look at the past symptoms of all pandemics and link them to these top crazy incurable diseases in today's modern world (you can do it yourself, you can research it for yourself), and for the coming future; forever.


Black plague







Dementia, including the famous Alzheimer's, etc.


When you look at the symptoms throughout the course of history. This virus and the pandemic are evolving from a macro-biology scale to a micro-biology scale. Meaning that back then most of the harmful effects of the disease would happen visually on the body, and now most of them happen at the DNA and cellular level (even more dangerous). You can see the person dying slowly or having mental issues. Now as TECHNOLOGY got better, and maybe the use of CRISPR technology; even the smallest change of your lifestyle can be deemed as a culprit of diagnoses when you visit a doctor, like: did you sleep? did you eat? did you do this and that, down to detail (which is not correlated by a huge margin, research yourself).

The adverse effects of diseases, viruses, and pandemics have become/evolved on the micro part of the human body (DNA and cellular level)... There are countless articles online that discuss this.

One thing is certain though, the profit of those diseases such as Cancer and Neurological Diseases account for nearly all profit of the entire Healthcare industry, all of which are incurable (probably because of permanent damage, is that right?). To further reiterate, the "incurable" diseases are all occurring at the cellular and DNA level; isn't that somewhat disturbing? Even media and news outlets are anticipating a huge increase in cancer and dementia...

You can find similar articles and information, research yourself:

"Global Dementia Cases Forecasted to Triple by 2050"

How? How can technology get better yet a disease triple? Of course, maybe the human population could double (more like an increase to 9 billion)... You can research for yourself, and find (mostly pertaining to the Americas) the cost and whatnot. It's very easy to search for something like:


Either humans and The Elites are trying to help, or trying to keep the dystopia going, who knows.

Before the 2000s, I believe neurological diseases were not as common as today, and that's because technology has got better, which also enhances biology tech; bio-tech engineering. Put the pieces together yourself and research.

Here is an accredited chart; you can find more charts on: "the rise of neurological diseases", neurological and acute resp or cardiovascular diseases and dementia have RISEN in the past decades.

And finally, a video that summarizes the highlights of publicly available media based on the flu of 1976. Yes, micro-organisms can evolve, but how is the advancement of technology only making pandemics and vaccines worse? Especially greatly tied to neurological disorders or acute cardiovascular and other things gone wrong in the human body...

With the so-called advancement of healthcare and technology; diseases, especially neurological ones, should be DECREASING, you can check scholarly articles about the advancement of using machine learning to eliminate such neurological diseases and the others as well... Is something amidst the loud yapping noise and constant barraging of fear?

Will Google actually solve the mystery of cancer? It took humans only a decade to make PCs like 10x better, what about this (cancer) top disease? Are the software engineers and AI engineers smart enough? What do the Elites really think? :eyes: We will never know...


1957 Flu

1970s Flu

Then a quick turn-around...

Another common thing is that all these pandemics/diseases (like most of them, seriously) seem to ALL ORIGINATE FROM ASIA. Like what? Then we should definitely have strict sanitary policies for exported goods from these countries then, right?


If the real problem is a rising human population and decreasing limited resources...

There are only 4 big solutions that can happen, and one solution is the commonly used one.

1. Space Development and Colonization of Other Places Aside Earth

2. Increasing and improving technology for agriculture and food, water, air, etc.

3. Human-genetics engineering...

4. Eliminating humans/living organisms to sustainable levels or better; via. war, diseases, etc. :(

I know, these solutions are NOT unknown and many great minds have thought of these. I will leave it at that for you and the rest of the world to decide your own fate.


For those... Could help, but try to have a plant-healthy diet and moderately exercise frequently (from doctors online).

Conclusion and Thank You:

Again, all this information is pulled from readily available articles, scholarly, history, media, documents... All of it. I am not supporting any of the information provided or am saying this is bad and this is good. I only like to put puzzles together and show them to you, not convince or influence you to do something. 

As a result of this article, the concept of fearmongering can be applied to everything as well, so I will try not to write an article related to this topic ever again. History keeps repeating itself in a dystopian society.

The decision is yours to make.

Thank you for your time in reading this article and as always, have a fantastic day and stay healthy~

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