The updates category is meant for articles that are related to updates on the website and services.

This is the categoy for policies such as site policy, content policy, rules and regulations, and more related to what exactly SunKoiWish does with the operating website(s).

Academia also known as education is a category that contains anything related to intellectual topics, and will include articles catered around a wide array of tutorials, how-tos, and lifestyle topics.

Tutorials is a category that will contain all different kinds of tutorials ranging: from engineering to even beauty! Categories with less content that contain a tutorial will appear here.

Theory is a category that contains theories that are thought of based on deep thinking. Theories range from a wide range of topics to contribute to a higher level of understanding.

Computer Science is a broad term for this category. Computer science will contain material related to coding, programming, and scripting in many numerous languages.

Engineering is a general term that will encompass all types of engineering fields. The most popular type will be computer and electrical engineering though.

Who doesn't enjoy cooking their own food? Here you will find recipes ranging from cooking simple meals, possibly baking a cake, and cooking delicious food.

The store category is where products and services will be under. Products ranging from digital media to games and more.

Projects also refers to as our works is a category that showcase completed and uncompleted products directly by SunKoiWish. Some works, like games and music, are free to download and enjoy. Music or artwork or photos or games that are stated to be used freely are all subject to the General Public License v3 (please also read our Site Policy).

Our Games means games that were made and published by SunKoiWish, or any games of our partners that have allowed us permission to promote it under or alongside our brand.

Our works is a collective category that will showcase articles that do not have a special category for things we make. These are usually small to medium projects or projects that may have been abandoned.

Idea creation is a category for proposed ideas that are explored in a sense that could be possibly made with current technologies. This is to help foster companies into creating better and new products!

A general category for all types of videos such as vlogs, workflows (of video), AMVs, and such. Production type videos (not amatuer) would be for a different category.

This category is for web novels. Web novels are sort of similar to light novels and web comics. The difference is that the medium for them is online with a few illustrations to help with the reading. The work here is by our own staff.

Music published by SunKoiWish and related entities. We want to promote awesome and okay music. We love indie producers. 

What is anime? Anime is a Japanese style of art animation which is expressed as cartoon characters. This category will have articles related to anime.

The anime treasury is where the staff or owner select an anime to write extensively on. These articles tend to be long because the anime is analyzed to its purpose and meaning explained in a different perspective.

Life Skills are topics that are aimed to enhance your knowledge on the well-being of humans and improving yourself. Many philosophers such as Aristotle, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and more are the source of where the inspirations come from.

Technology is a category that will have articles around electronics, hardware, software, and games. The range for this category is wide because there are only a handful of interesting products.

A general category for guides ranging from video games to shooting a great photo.